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I am going to guide you on how to achieve spiritual awakening and enlightenment based on my own experience. It is not for one moment easy but it is possible. I am not claiming to be enlightened but I have had a spiritual awakening which changed my life and I promise that your own awakening will change yours. I am inviting you to come on this journey with me so you too can achieve that state of mind which is joyful, happy and at peace.

If this is a journey that interests you because it is not going to be for everyone then complete the box with your name and email and return to me. In return and as gratitude I will send you a ten minute audio-recording of my book "Journey To Self" where I have written about my spiritual awakening.

For most of my thirty or so years of reading books that described the state of spiritual enlightenment I kept asking myself "how do I achieve this"? No book I read gave me an answer for how or what happens at various points on the spiritual path. I have created this website and a model of spiritual awakening and enlightenment based on my own experiences. I have done this to give those who are interested in achieving the state of mind that marks enlightenment the tools and access to do so. My intention is to present the model as simply and clearly as I can by making sure that everything I write is easy to understand and apply.

The Model of Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment that I have created has 3 stages:


The spiritual journey which put simply is the process of re-discovering who you really are starts with the single step of knowingyourself. The way to do this is to start to be aware of everything you do and say. In this stage I will take you through theprocess of how to know yourself and the magic that comes from this knowing. You will also be working with the first 3 chakras (energy centres in the body). .


At a certain point on the spiritual path there will be a realization that who you think you are is not who you really are. This is thestage of the witness or that which watches. Here you will be working with the 4th chakra (energy centre in the body).


At this stage the world of opposites, right/wrong, good/bad dissolve and the experience is one of unity and wholeness. The Truth behind what we think is real is realized and there is an end to suffering. This end to suffering is Enlightenment. The experience is one of joy, all-knowingness and bliss. Here you will be working with the final 3 chakras (energy centres in the body)